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Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.), an Assistant Director of the Department of Education in undivided Bengal and Assam, a renowned academician and social reformer, a reputed philanthropist, a famed literary figure and Sufi thinker of the country, was the pride of the Muslims in Bengal and one of the most enlightened...
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Excerpts from the books

1. "The follower (of a saint) who can surrender himself to the Almighty, can establish himself in a more elevated position than the saint. Therefore, to look down on one's follower and take undue privilege from him, is an act of foolishness. The relation between the two is a divine one, not a worldly one. A follower takes the aid of a peer or a saint only to reach the Almighty. The saint, therefore, should always keep in mind that he is an emissary only, not the provider. He is an intermediary, not an authority". .. Amar Shiksha- O - Diksha

2. "Where ever we look at nature, we notice the enormous benevolence and the gifts of the Creator. The more science will go on unfolding the mysteries of nature, the more we will become aware about this gift and benevolence of the Creator. The creative process reflects the great kindness, power and enormity of the Almighty. The relation that Islam has with science, cannot be found in other relations" - ..Islamer Daan

3. "The goal of the Almighty is the same for all times. He only wishes to see how mankind spreads the message of His greatness as His representatives on earth. With the evolution of time, faults and follies have found their ways into every religion. Al long last, Islam came as the only self-sufficient religion. People from all nations and communities have, therefore, embraced and skill is embracing the principles of Islam without any reservations. However, it totally prohibits the tendency to sneer at people from other religious faiths, communities and national identities. All the creations are the making of one benevolent Creator. Therefore, tolerance towards all should be considered one of the highest qualities of man".-- Bibhinna Dharmer Upadeshaboli

4. "It is essential for one to follow the rules of religion to achieve refinement of the rules of religion to achieve refinement of the soul. For someone who wants to find out the relation between the immediate spirit and the eternal soul, who wants to feel the presence of the Almighty in all His creations, who wants to have a taste of the eternal life in this temporal world, who wants to engross into prayers whole-heartedly ---abiding by the principles of religion is essential for him".-- Tariqat Shiksha

5. "The soul is like a shining mirror. Acts of sin robs the natural clarity of the soul and adds stigma to it. So, the divine-ray does not reflect on that mirror. Remorse, shame and repentance or tauba are the only remedies for the soul." -- ..Sufi

6. "The meaning of the world - Islam - ..is surrender, endearment and peace. Muslims discard petty personal interests for the greater well being of the world. Through surrendering the self, a Muslim becomes one with the universal reality or the ultimate truth. A Muslim shows his love for the Almighty by serving Him. Islam dedicates the goods delivered by man for the well being of the universe. By discarding transitory happiness, Islam embraces perpetual happiness. By establishing worldly love, Islam makes its journey to the ultimate truth. Islam creates the condition for peace for the entire human kind"- .. Islam O Adarsha Mahapurush

7. "It is a mark of greatness to be humble and show humility during exchange of words with others. The softer one's heart is, the less harsh one's words will be. Harsh words are the signs of arrogance. It is, therefore, a matter of great shame and ignominy when a truly religious person speaks to others harshly, looks down on others with disdain and resorts to cruelty and lies. A person who cannot lower his head in respect to other human beings, also cannot offer his heart in the court of the Almighty".-.Bhakter Patra

8. Social service should ideally be the prime objective of literature. But unfortunately, violation of this aim is noticed on many occasions. Literature should be aimed at refining the taste, not corrupting the taste. With the help of literature, we have to clear the path of future development of out society".---Bangabhasha O Mussalman Shahitya

9. Each one of you is lake a ruler and one day each of you will have to account for your actions as ruler. The monarch is a ruler and he shoulders the responsibility of his subjects. In the real life drama of the family, the person who lords over his family, will also be held accountable and made to answer on how well he looked after his family members. In the husband's house, sometimes the wife is seen to emerge as the ruler and this will make her account for her deeds. Even the servant can sometimes become a ruler and he also has to account for the responsibilities that are vested on him". -- Bangla Hadis Sharif

10. "One of the cardinal instructions of Islam is to establish or offer zakaat. It is instructed that the rich should help the poor by offering zakaat in the rate of 2.5 percent from his fixed income. This will help breed friendship, global fraternity, and along with it, promote global peace. Without sacrificing the heads of rich people to the sword or to the destructive powers of atoms, the rich should take the advantage of financially helping the poor and both should join together in harmony to develop this world. This is the aim of the Creator". -.. Islam O Zakaat

11. "Man can become the owner of undying wealth, provided he abides by the dictates of the Holy Quran. It has everything -. rules of religion, rules of society, rules of statesmanship, rules of education and rules of home-economics. Every alphabet, word and line of it is an expression of originality, which rejects dualism. It is an impressive combination of theology and philosophy. Every sentence of the Quran is thoroughly logical and conclusive. It provides solutions to the mysteries of the past, present and future". --Quraner Bani O Ekottobad

12. "Islam is a naturally easy religion, which is devoid of any complexities and compound scholastic references. Islam does not teach anything that goes beyond the intellectual faculty or the understanding of the average or the common man". -.. Islamer Mahati Shiksha

13. "Maya or longing is the main hindrance to reaching the source of the hidden power. Occasional longings put a tab on the regular source of power and strength. The Almighty has given all human being the essential hidden power. He wants that by exercising that hidden power given by Him, human beings come out victorious against the forces of worldly desires and longings. The creation of human desires and longings also testifies to the benevolence of the Almighty. If there were no testes or trails, then there would not have been any justification for crime and punishment, hell and heaven and the aim of creation would have remained incomplete. Every reward, therefore, entails a hard test. On the Day of Judgment, the Almighty will be present as the examiner to judge the rewards and the punishments, it is His wish". --.Amar Shiksha O Diksha.